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Aerial Arts


Aerial Silks & Aerial Hoop Programs for Children and Adults

Come fly with us! Children and adults can both build confidence and strength through movement with our Silks and Hoop (Lyra) classes offered weekdays and Saturdays.

No experience necessary! Now enrolling new students - it's the most fun around!

There's a new program at Aries - Aerial Rope!

Also known as corde lisse, Aerial Rope incorporates many of the same movements and muscles as Silks and Hoop. Often seen in circus performances, this is a program you can ONLY find at our studio! Give it a try today. 

A Note for Parents:
Please be advised that pole fitness classes, private lessons, workshops, and/or parties are often occurring simultaneously with children's events. If there are sensitivities or preferences concerning this when scheduling your child's visit, please inform our client advocate by using our e-mail address or feedback form so that all come away with a comfortable
experience at Aries.
Thank you!

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