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Aries Aerial Arts hosts various workshops and events throughout the year.

Click on the event picture for more information for each workshop.

Women's Self-Defense Workshop
with Kristen & Brittany of
Gracie NEPA
Self defene
Women's Self -Defense Workshop

Saturday, April 13th



Aries is pleased to host Kristen & Brittany of Gracie NEPA  for a women’s self-defense workshop.

This 90 minute workshop is specifically geared toward helping women keep themselves safe. 

Contact us to sign up, and please share with friends who are interested in remaining untouchable!

This workshop is for women ages 15+ only.

Please contact Gracie NEPA directly for info on co-ed classes.

Aries Aerial Arts is excited to announce
that world-renowned pole vixen

Jordan Kensley
will be visiting the studio for one night only on her tour across the USA.
Jordan Knesley Anchor
Learn More About The Artist
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On Friday, May 24th 2024

Jordan will be presenting two red-hot workshops

that are sure to set the studio on fire. 

Back to the Future

Friday, May 24th 2024



 Pole Tricks Past & Present

Sexy Style has taken the Pole Community by storm in recent years; where contemporary reigned, we now see the Majesties of Sexy coming to the forefront.

Suddenly, Sexy Style covers a lot of ON territory within the Pole Community, and history is merging with the present.

This workshop explores tricks and combinations that were created, popularized, or most often associated with club dancers.

Come to this workshop to explore & learn old combinations, new variations, and a splash of pole trick history! A bit of a 'wild card' kind of class, the course material is always changing; you may learn an old school combo, a tricky low flow transition, or maybe a trick you want to learn.

You'll definitely get a few tricks up your sleeve in this class.

Seven Deadly Sins

Friday, May 24th 2024



Deadly Sins Choreography - 7 Expressions 

This workshop will poll the class on which sin they would like to embody, each one cueing a different style, prompt, and style expression. This choreography workshop is all about movement expression,

& focuses on learning some of Jordan Kensley's personal movement expression; musically stylistic, quick transitions, melting moments

and just a splash of sass, as desired. The choreography for this class will vary depending on the chosen sin, and its associated prompts.

Take what you learn and add your own personality to really

spice things up and expand your own Movement Expression!


Some prior pole experience is recommended for both of these workshops.

Kneepads are required for both workshops. Heels are optional.

Shoulder/back/butt coverage suggested over polewear

Limited spots are available available for these workshops, and they are selling fast!

Spot secured upon payment received. Refunds are not provided, but spot can be transferred. 

Contact us now to make sure you don't miss this

incredible opportunity to train with a certified pole goddess!

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