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Aries Aerial Arts hosts various workshops and events throughout the year.

Click on the event picture for more information for each workshop.

Summer Pop-Up Workshops

with Shaina Cruea of Xpert Pole


Saturday, June 29th

Join Shaina Cruea of Xpert Pole for *two* red-hot workshops.

$75 per workshop.  No Refunds. 


Spinny Low Flow

Beginner - Intermediate 


Utilizing low flow on spin pole is one of the most beautiful yet neglected

techniques in pole dance! In this workshop, students will learn a

beautiful cohesive low flow combo that will involve some lovely leg

hooky gloriousness all while continuously flowing around the pole!

Freestyle will be encouraged to welcome stylistic

choices to allow this new material to flow!


Signature Spin

Intermediate- Advanced


Have you watched one of Shaina’s videos and are dying to learn something from what you have seen? THIS is your workshop! This workshop will start with a dance-based warm-up, including conditioning & flexibility, followed by ways to enhance your pole work with fresh, stylized transitions in and out of tricks. Students will leave this workshop having learned an entire pole flow they may have seen Shaina do in a past performance.


APC22-Shaina Cruea-8830.jpg

Dance Workshops
Amber Villanueva

There are two opportunities to train off-the-pole with Amber.

Summer Sizzle: Sexy Heels Dance

Saturday, July 13th 1:30-3PM

Step into the summer heat with confidence! This fun and empowering session is designed for dancers of all levels who want to learn how to strut, turn, and groove in heels. You'll develop grace, strength, and style while mastering a sizzling hot choreography.

$40. Please, no refunds.




Summer Breeze: Contemporary Dance

Saturday, July 27th 1:30-3PM

Embrace the freedom and fluidity of contemporary dance. This invigorating session is perfect for dancers of all levels who want to explore the expressive and dynamic movements of contemporary dance. This class will help you connect with your body, improve your technique, and unleash your creativity.

$40. Please,  no refunds.


A Note to Parents

Please be advised that pole fitness classes, private lessons, workshops, and/or parties are often occurring simultaneously with children's events. If there are sensitivities or preferences concerning this when scheduling your child's visit, please inform our client advocate upon booking so that all come away with a comfortable experience at Aries.

Thank you!

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